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Howdy There Partner!                        Welcome to The Mod Shop, My Goodfellow!

I'm GoodfellowGoodspring, (i did go by an other username but i lost my password). I fell in love with modding when i got Elder Scrolls: Obvivon on PC. I just love creating my own content and sharing it with the game's communities! Im not an expect with the creation engine by any means, but then again i wouldn't share my work if i didn't think it was good enough.

You may have heard of my 'Man Those Borders!'  mod which has 300k+ combined downloads! I never thought that such a random idea in my head would be so successful!

You can find my work here, on The Nexus and Beth.net.

Im a father to three boys and i don't have as much free times these days. However, i always try to be there for support and to keep adding to the games i love playing.

I want to thank those who download my mods and give me feedback. I always try to reply to messages as fast as possible. Sending a message on here goes straight to my email so you might get a faster reply, just make sure you leave your address or nexus username.

Take a look around my workshop i work(ed) on these titles:

  • Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Special Edition

  • Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

  • Elder Scrolls: Oblivion

  • Fallout 4

  • Fallout: New Vegas

  • Starfield (hopefully in the future)

Find me on NexusMods or Beth.net

Creation Highlight

Here you will find my latest mod(s) that i am working on and i will give you a little behind the scenes look into the idea, development and general picture gore. Find all my complete mods in the 'Mods' page.

Goodfellow's Whiterun Hold - WIP  

Test the alpha build of this mod and give me feedback. This version of the mod should be used for testing purposes and not with your main save. Expect bugs, crashes, and general alpha-ness. The area modded is around the Frontier marking found on the image below.

Update 06/06/18  Alpha 2 should be dropping soon, just some bug fixes, navmeshing and the start of the wastes area development. Thanks to the few who have given feedback!

Download now on Nexus!

You should be looking for:

  • Floating/missing/flickering objects.
  • NPCs getting stuck on objects or terrain. 
  • NPCs following schedule and not getting stuck.
  • How quest events effect the mod (especially civil war stuff).
  • How other mods effect or conflict with the mod.
  • Stuff which should belong to someone being free to take.
  • Flickering/missing lights/shadows.
  • Performance hit on your machine (FPS)

Area progress:

FRONTIER - Work in progress

HEARTH - Not started

WASTES - Work in progress

Development is split into zones. I plan on a Whiterun Hold masterpiece with concentrated map markers in the area to really pack it out and make it look busy and important.

Currently working on Frontier which is east of Whiterun and the area of the hold where the Stormcloaks will be invading from. Whiterun is building fortifications for the forthcoming civil war. Mod will add more farms, houses, businesses and activity on around the main road. Two new bridge designs, a fishery, inn.

Hearth focuses on the path outside Whiterun and upto Honningbrew Meadery. The mod will add a little marketplace with stalls like found in other mods. Along with some houses to make the road look less sparse.

Wastes focuses on anything west of the crossroads near Fort Greymoor. The mod will be adding some guards outside of the fort to mimic Whiterun making a play to retake the fortification, if they die they die if they win they win, its just to add to immersion. The mod will also add a little settlement north of the fort to give the area a bit of life and friendly faces.

As usual with my mods i won't be modding anything i don't need to. Whiterun Hold is set upon Tundra, farming happens but you arent going to see fields of wheat as far as the eye can see. I won't be touching Rorikstead or anything in that area, mods fill out that area and USSEP adds a little farm in that area. My main focus will be around the roads.

The main centerpiece to my mod, the upgrade to Whiterun's bridges. Probably one of the most memorial areas of the game besides the view of Bleak Falls Barrow from Helgen. I drew inspiration for the designs from a bridges mod on Oldrim. Added trees and foliage to make the areas greener.

I also really wanted some form of building watching over all the new activity as well. I went for some old guy called Hansel, an elder who lives in isolation in a small shack over loving the landscape (don't worry he's a nord so his house won't get flattened during the siege).

My inspiration for creating the mod in the first place, a nice thick, rough wooden palisade wall on the road out of Whiterun. Turned out better than i ever hoped. Civil war here we come!

Sissna and her fishery. She sells her wares to the markets in Whiterun.

I mixed the idea of having existing structures being along side newly installed barriers to give the impression that Whiterun could actually hold of an attack to begin with.

Started work on the two new farms on the road from Whitewatch Tower. Nice but aging wall and a nice warm brazier to separate the wilds and civilization. This is the farthest the frontier zone stretches.

The farm featured above, 'Holsten farm'. Very early development, will link up to the other farm and mill through a dirt path. Whiterun Guards now patrol the full length of the path featured. The civil war guard encampment can be seen in the background.

Stay tuned for more updates.

© Goodfellow2018

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